Freida Pinto Supports #MeTooMovement

Actress Freida Pinto has raised her voice in support of #metoomovement. On Wednesday, the Hollywood actor was present at the world premiere of her upcoming film, ‘Mowgli’. The premiere was held in Mumbai and the actor was accompanied by fellow Christian Bale for the event.

Earlier Freida mentioned that India is not ready for such movements but this time she said that she ‘believes Tanushree Dutta’. Freida shared her views through Instagram. The image on Freida Pinto’s Instagram was accompanied by a long note urging people to support Tanushree Dutta.

The actor said that she doesn’t require to know Tanushree personally to believe her. She also added that even if Tanushree spoke after 10 years, it doesn’t nullify the fact.

Freida also requested to women not to look for the superstars to speak up. She asked everyone to be their own role models and follow their own conscience.

The actor also spoke about her upcoming film ‘Mowgli’ in which she is playing the role of Messua, the adoptive mother of Mowgli. The Netflix Film’s world premiere was held in Mumbai.

Freida Pinto Supports #MeTooMovement