Ganga river more polluted than before, says Congress member

An RTI query had revealed that Ganga River is more polluted now that in 2014. The Congress party is using this report to hit at actual prime minister, Narendra Modi for not keeping his promise to clean the river.

During a press conference, Abhishek Manu Singhvi from the Congress used Modi own words to the people of India after his nomination as Prime Minister: “While filing his nomination, Shri Narendra Modi said, ‘First I thought the BJP sent me here, then I thought I am going to Kashi, but after I came here, I feel Maa Ganga has called me.’

Today reports show that  Modi had not kept his promises and river Ganga is more polluted than before.

According the Congress leader, Namami Gange programme, out of 221 projects which have been sanctioned for activities such as the treatment of municipal sewage only 58 projects have been completed.

Mr. Singhvi said the programme aimed at treating 2,278 million litres a day of sewage through sewage treatment plants (STPs) but up to now only 329.3 million litres a day got treated. He says that it is a mission impossible to get the river clean in the next 6-7 months.

A CAG report has revealed that during 2016-17, the level of pollutants in the river across Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Bengal was six to 334 times higher than the prescribed levels.


Ganga river more polluted than before, says Congress member