Gurgaon: Judge’s son and Wife Shot by a personal security officer
Gurgaon Shooting-img source(the wire)

Gurgaon: Judge’s son and Wife Shot by a personal security officer

A week ago, the son and wife of a judge were been shot by a personal security officer (PSO)of the judge. After been shot by the PSO, the 18-year-old Dhruv, the son of additional district and session judge Krishna Kant Sharma succumbed to injuries. Dhruv was soon admitted to the ICU where he passed away. His body was sent to post-mortem. The accused PSO, identified as Mahipal has been arrested by the police.

The doctors at the Medicity hospital said that he passed away at 3 am. He was critical right from the moment he has been admitted to the hospital and never regained consciousness. His chances of surviving were less considering the amount of damage done to his brain. His heart, liver, and kidney had been donated by the family members.

The wife of the judge also passed away, moments after she was been shot by the PSO. The incident occurred 10 days ago when Dhruv along with his mother had gone for shopping while been accompanied by the PSO. When they returned from shopping and didn’t find Mahipal, they questioned him as to why he was not present at their arrival and reminded him of his duties and this is what led to the violence.

The PSO got furious and shot Ritu, the judge’s wife twice – once in the shoulder and once in the abdomen, whereas the shot Dhruv thrice – once in the shoulder and twice in the head. After firing at both of them the PSO fled from the scene using the vehicle in which Dhruv and his mother had come for shopping. Mahipal, the PSO was arrested two hours after he committed the crime. On further investigation, police came to know that the family members had treated him with respect and dignity and were PSO for the judge for the last 1.5 years. He had no previous record of any misconduct. He has been produced in court and then remanded to judicial custody.

In a video footage been captured by one of the eyewitnesses this tragedy, the guard Mahipal could be seen holding a gun which he had used to fire at the judge’s wife and son. After this horrifying incident, the Gurgaon police are now conducting a stress management workshop for all the PSO’s in the district.

Gurgaon: Judge’s son and Wife Shot by a personal security officer