India in UN says Terrorism is the Most Serious Violation of Human Rights
India at UN terrorism serious violation of human rights

India in UN says Terrorism is the Most Serious Violation of Human Rights

In a veiled attack on Pakistan, India in UN, said that terrorism is the most serious violation of human rights emanating from beyond its borders and also urged the global community to take a serious action against the menace in all its forms and manifestations in order to prevent and stop the abuse of fundamental rights and freedom of innocent people.

India’s Deputy Permanent Representative Tanmaya Lal said, despite terrorism been acknowledged as one of the foremost global challenges, no efforts are made to tackle it seriously. He also mentions, “My country has been facing repeated terrorist attacks on innocent people from beyond its borders”.

Lal’s remarks during the General assembly session on the human rights council were aimed at the failure of the world body to adopt the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism (CCIT) which was proposed back in 1996. The draft of the convention has failed to make its headway even after 22 years because of the failure of some countries who even question on who should be classified as a terrorist, while some claiming exemptions for whom they would call as ‘freedom fighters’.

“A Lack of consensus in the Human Right’s Council’s actions in situation-specific issues is a worrisome development which has compromised its effectiveness and credibility,” said Paulomi Tripathi at a General Assembly 3rd Committee session on ‘Report of the Human Rights Council’. Tripathi is the first secretary in the Permanent Mission of India to the UN.

“Adoption of aggressive and confrontational approach and overly intrusive methods, without consultation and consent of the country concerned, have been counterproductive, leading only to a politicization of human rights issues”, Tripathi added.

Last month India was elected to the Human Rights Council and remains committed to bring moderate and balanced perspectives, to bridge divides multiple divides in human rights discourse and in action, within the Council and beyond, Tripathi added.

India in UN says Terrorism is the Most Serious Violation of Human Rights