In Kerala, a Dead Man Returns 15 Days After His Funeral
Saji Return home 15 days after his funeral-img source(timesofindia)

Kerala: a ‘Dead’ Man Returns 15 Days after Funeral

The members of the Thekkanam family from Kerala were in for a shock when they saw Saji in front of them who was presumed to be dead and was buried 15 days ago. Saji had returned 15 days after his own funeral. Isn’t that shocking? Keep reading to know what exactly transpired.

Saji had left his home on 3rd September 2018 after a quarrel with his neighbor and he never ever got a chance to communicate with his family. His mother and brother had misidentified a partially decomposed dead body which was found in one of the forests in Karnataka, and the family members mistook it to be of Saji. Considering that Saji is dead, they conducted his funeral at one of the churches after post-mortem and some other formalities. But they were shocked to see him back and alive, 15 days after his funeral. He was missing from his home for close to 62 days.

Saji’s brother Sunil, who worked as a KSRTC driver was startled when he saw him at the Panamaram bus stand. Saji was shocked to hear from Sunil that his family had conducted his funeral as per religious rites. He was engaged in manual labor in Kannur, a coastal city in Kerala. Jinesh, the second brother of Saji had gone to the Pulpally police station to register a missing complaint of his brother and that is when the police informed Jinesh that they had identified a dead body in Bairakkuppa, a place in Karnataka.

The face of the dead body was disfigured. The dead body had a surgery mark and implant in the leg just like that of Saji who had undergone an operation after an accident. Even the clothes and the footwear found near the dead body were similar to that of Saji. Also, some people told Jinesh that they had seen Saji in Bairakkuppa a few days ago. All of these factors led to Jinesh believing that his brother is no more.

Saji was single and living alone used to stay away from home for extended periods. JInesh and his family have filed a petition with the Beechanahalli police station stating that the body was misidentified.

Kerala: a ‘Dead’ Man Returns 15 Days after Funeral