Kerala Nun Rape Case: Why the Bishop Hasn’t Been Arrested Yet?
Kerala Nun Rape Case Why the Bishop Hasn’t Been Arrested Yet

Kerala Nun Rape Case: Why the Bishop Hasn’t Been Arrested Yet?

Rapes in India are rising in number day by day and the recent addition to this is the Kerala Nun Rape case which has created headlines everywhere. Franco Mulakkal, who is currently serving as the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Jalandhar has been accused of raping a nun in 2014.
A 43-year-old nun has filed an F.I.R against the bishop and accused him of raping her and sexually assaulting her multiple times. The bishop had summoned the nun on the pretext of discussing some important issue in 2014 after which he raped her 13 times in the course of 2 years.
Now the nun has sent a 7 page letter to the Vatican’s ambassador in India and has accused the church of silence over the rape case demanding justice. Here’s what she has written in the letter “I feel this kind of silence on the part of the Church authorities and protection of those who commit the crime may create a situation where the Church loses its credibility before society”.
“Though the Bishop had sexually abused me several times I could not reveal the full story to my superior general or to her Councillors. I only told them repeatedly that the Bishop is taking many disciplinary actions through them just because I resisted lying down with him,” said the nun in the letter. The nun stated that she had also written a letter to the Pope in Vatican, his ambassador in India and other church officials but no action was taken against the Bishop.
Nuns in Kochi have been protesting for the past four days demanding justice for the victim. The protesting nuns also claimed that the probe has been delayed as the accused is an influential person in the Roman Catholic Church. The Kerala Nun Rape case has been brought to the notice of the Vatican.
Although, the police have reported to the sources that the Bishop is likely to be arrested after the second round of probe based on the evidence collected, there isn’t any official news as of yet of the Bishop been arrested. Mulakkal, the 54-year-old bishop has rejected the allegations against him calling it as a conspiracy against the church.
The recent news is that the Bishop who was accused of raping the nun has stepped down and has handed over the charge of diocese to Monsignor Mathew Kokkandum before going for the police investigation. The Kerala police have issued a notice to the rape accused bishop to appear for further investigation on 19th September 2018. The next hearing of this rape case has been scheduled on 24th of September 2018.
Franco Mulakkal issued a circular delegating Monsignor Mathew Kokkandum to administer in his absence. Here’s what he stated in the circular, “as you have probably come to know from the media the investigation into the allegations raised against me as there are several contradictions in the evidences collected against me as per the report of the police and it is reported that I am likely to be called for further clarifications by the investigating officer in Kerala. In my absence Msgr. Mathew Kokkandam will administer the diocese as in the normal practice when I am away from the diocese”.
It is only after 24th September 2018 that we can know about the punishment given by the court. We just hope that justice should be given to the nun.
Kerala Nun Rape Case: Why the Bishop Hasn’t Been Arrested Yet?