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Mauritian teenagers design new road safety equipment

It’s a common perception that most teens are only worried about taking selfies, chatting or playing video games, but not these. Meet Inftech Co Ltd, a new company formed by a group of eleven young teenagers who are spending their time and energy to create new things to make a better world for everyone.

Young girls in Grade 12 from Sodnac State Secondary School

The idea came from the escalating number of accidents In Mauritius which was actually 29 075 accidents in 2018. These young girls in Grade 12 from Sodnac State Secondary School felt compelled to propose a solution⁠—‘Glit’.  Driven by the initiative revolving around improving road safety in Mauritius and Abroad. The key aim of Glit is to improve visibility on roads to reduce the number of road accidents. 

Glit is a jacket created with 100% waterproof fabric and comprises fluorescent stripes, led lights and a security alarm.  The fluorescent stripes and led lights will help to improve visibility, especially at night and early morning, while the security alarm might help to save those who could be in danger by pressing on it.  ‘Glit’ includes removable sleeves, cap, and adjustable through velcro.

Glit Safety Jacket

They partook in the competition created by Junior achievement Mascareignes (JAM), which aims to educate and inspire the young population to develop entrepreneurial and life skills through their Programs. One of such is the JA Mini Company Program; the 8th edition will see the participation of 35 teams from 24 schools. They have to run and undertake the challenges of a company during an 11 weeks period.

Inftech has conducted a series of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) based on enlightening students about road safety in some schools. Also, took part in a mega cleaning campaign, organised by the Prime Minister’s office, as a one-off CSR. 

These motivated young entrepreneurs are appealing for patronage, support and also their well-intended product sold not to make profits from the populace but to combat the recurring road accidents becoming a huge problem, especially in Mauritius.

They strongly believe in their motto ‘’Safety Brings You Home’’. 

Mauritian teenagers design new road safety equipment