[Photos] Solo Art Exhibition : The Glimmer of Hope signée Zaahirah Muthy

Turning to the history of past pandemics, responding to one evidently shreds the fabrics of society and the economy to an extent that plunges the populace into unprecedented depths of disturbances. Even more so now, as we spend much time building a semblance of recovery amidst  the  tumults  of  the  Coronavirus,  activist  artist  Zaahirah  Muthy  falls  back  on  her creativity in an attempt to calm the waters. Hosted by Alliance Française, ‘The Glimmer of Hope’ is presented as her 6th solo exhibition that stands as a beacon of optimism for the creative community. Take a stroll through the vibrant symphony of colours bearing the elements of Hope, Happiness, and Healing.

As the world gradually reopens itself to a new dawn, Zaahirah revisits her artistic outburst during  Dubai’s  lockdown  through  a  retrospective  creation  of  40  artworks  documenting  the fluctuations of her emotions, contemplations, and psyche during that period. Each work, albeit child-like in rendering, presents a greater depth of conceptual development that is far from childish. “We were all children once, and we still are now whenever we experience the fear of making mistakes.” Travel amidst the array of vibrant colours and allow Zaahirah Muthy to reignite that sliver of joy and cultivate the flame of hope to melt away the uncertainties amidst this health crisis.

L’Alliance  Francaise,  Dubai  is  preparing  all  the  necessary  measures  to  maintain  social distancing as well as the artist will make a virtual exhibition online for a bigger audience. The week will be busy with different group tours as well as a Talk on Virtual Exhibition on 18th August inviting mainly artists and art lovers. As a change maker, the artist is very sensitive of

what is happening around the world. She is supporting Beirut and Mauritius two countries which has been deeply impacted recently with 15% of her artwork each.

Solo Art Exhibition :  The Glimmer of Hope signé Zaahirah Muthy