Rahul Gandhi resigns from the post of Congress Party Chief

Rahul Gandhi resigns from the post of Congress Party Chief

Rahul Gandhi has resigned from the post of Congress Party. He recently made the announcement from his Twitter account. The Congress party suffered a huge defeat during the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 whereas BJP party emerged out as the party with largest majority. Taking responsibility for the debacle of the Congress party during the Lok Sabha polls, Rahul Gandhi in the four-page open letter urged the Congress Working Committee (CWC) members and entrusted them to find a new president for the party as it would not be proper for him to do so.

As Rahul Gandhi declared his resignation, his sister Priyanka Gandhi backed his decision saying that only few have the courage to do this. Priyanka Gandhi said that she had the deepest respect for Rahul’s decision.

“As the president of the Congress party, I am responsible for the loss of the 2019 elections. Holding accountability is critical for the future growth of the party; it is one of the reasons why I have stepped down from the post of party president” has he said.

Gandhi said rebuilding and strengthening the party required hard decisions. He held numerous people responsible for the failure of the party in 2019. Rahul Gandhi insisted on having a non-Gandhi family candidate as the party president. With Rahul Gandhi resigning from the post of party president, the Congress party is going through tough times and facing several challenges as they are facing a leadership crisis and finding it difficult to find his successor.

Chief Minister Ashok Singh described Rahul Gandhi’s resignation letter as a document that will strengthen the party once again. Top Congress leaders held a meeting at the Parliament complex to discuss the way forward after Rahul Gandhi’s resignation. The CWC is the highest decision-making body of the party. One of the options before the CWC would be to have an interim Congress party president till the regular appointment is made through Election.

It would be interesting to see who would be the next Congress party president and will that candidate be able to revoke the loss that the Congress party has gone through.

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Rahul Gandhi resigns from the post of Congress Party Chief