Rajubhai, a “King” in child trafficking finally arrested

His name… Rajubhai Gamlewala aka Rajubhai. He is considered as the “King” of child trafficking in Mumbai. He started the racket in 2007 and his clients are based in the United States. “Rajubhai” has sent at least 300 children from India to the US for the purposes of prostitution.

Rs 45 lakh for each child send. This is big business for Rajubhai Gamlewala but police put an end to it. He was arrested by Mumbai police this week.  He targets children, aged 11-16, who came from poor families from mainly Gujarat. First, they would target parents facing difficulties to meet both end and willing to sell their kids. Second, they would buy children’s passports from some families.

Finally, a carrier will be paid to bring the child to US using  a passport with a picture with some resemblance to the child.

The racket was busted in March when actor Preeti Sood received a call from a friend that two minors were being applied makeup at a Versova salon. Talking to Times of Indian she said: “I went there on a suspicion that the girls were being readied for brothels. But once there, I realised that the racket was bigger than I thought.” Four men were arrested by the police including a retired sub-inspector’s son.

Rajubhai Gamlewala have been booked under the IPC’s section 34 (common intention) and 373 (buying minor for purposes of prostitution).


Rajubhai, a “King” in child trafficking arrested