RLSP Leader Shot Dead in Bihar, 4th One to Be Killed This Year
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RLSP Leader Shot Dead in Bihar, 4th one to be killed this year

Amit Bhushan Verma, a Rashtriya Lok Samta Party (RLSP) leader was shot dead in Patna’s Paliganj in Bihar while he was attending a cultural event called Chhath Pooja. Just when he was about to alight from the stage, a gunman fired four bullets at him from a close range around 10:30 pm amidst the crowded event. One of the local policemen who was standing behind Verma had a narrow escape. The gunman fled from the spot just after.

This is the fourth murder of an RLSP Leader since last year in Bihar. The police said that the culprit managed to run away due to darkness. Police suspected that old enmity is one of the reasons behind the Assassination. Amit Bhushan Verma was appointed as the block president only a fortnight ago.
Upendra Kushwaha, the RLSP chief and Union Minister visited the family of the deceased leader. He said that law and order in Bihar have gone for a six and criticized Nitish Kumar’s government. “Criminals are ruling the roost and people are feeling helpless and it’s still been called as Sushasan (good governance)in Bihar”, said Kushwaha.

Upendra Kushwaha later tweeted “One incident after another, series of incidents, there has been selective killings… Yet, they (state government) calls it good governance. Perhaps they have changed the definition of good governance”. He expressed grief over the death of Amit Bhushan Verma and said that all of them were in a state of shock.

RLSP spokesperson Jitendra Nath demanded an investigation saying that four of their party leaders were killed in one year. In one of those cases, an eyewitness was also killed.

RLSP Leader Shot Dead in Bihar, 4th one to be killed this year