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Exclusivité : Roshi Badhain démissionne

Roshi Badhain démissionne

On peut lire sur la page facebook de Roshi Badhain que ce dernier a préféré démissionner en tant que ministre. Il est d’avis : « My position as ‘Minister’ became vacant, according to S60(3) of the Constitution when SAJ resigned this morning. I had said that when SAJ is no longer Prime Minister, I would not stay. I have not attended the ‘swearing-in’ ceremony for the ‘passation’, which is not in line with the principles of Good Governance and I have, in all humility, acted in the best interests of Mauritius. I will hold a press conference tomorrow to explain the way forward… »

Roshi Badhain convoquera la presse demain pour expliquer sa décision…

Chargement en cours....