Skull Smashed and Stick Inserted inside a 3 Year-Old Girl
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Skull Smashed and Stick Inserted inside a 3-Year-Old Girl

In a horrifying incident that will put humanity to shame, a 3-year-old girl was gang-raped and brutally murdered in Gurugram. A forensic team and senior officials reached the spot and carried out a primary investigation. The autopsy report revealed that her skull was smashed and a stick was inserted inside her private parts. The unclad body of the girl was found dead inside the sector 66 of the Guga Colony in Gurugram.

A stranger lured the 3-year-old girl away by promising her that he will offer her sweets and chocolates. Under this pretext, he carried her away to a place where he tortured and brutally raped her before killing. The police formed four teams to track the culprit Sunil Kumar, a 20-year-old laborer, a resident of Naugaon village in Uttar Pradesh. Kumar came to the city to visit his mother and his two sisters.

Shamsher Singh, the assistant commissioner of police said that they have questioned Kumar’s family and recorded their statements. Dr. Deepak Kumar, a forensic expert at the Civil hospital who conducted the autopsy report said that the girl suffered multiple injuries all over her body. Her death was caused primarily as a result of head injury and excessive internal bleeding.

The girl suffered a deeply depressed fracture due to a strike on her head, Multiple bruises were found all over the body of the victim,  as she was tortured by the accused. The post-mortem revealed that Kumar inserted a 10 cm long stick inside the private parts of the 3-year-old girl.

however, the girl’s parents didn’t file any police complaint and kept on searching for the girl. A police officer was notified of a dead body by a neighbor. The body was lying inside a pool of blood with bricks lying on the body and her face was covered with a polythene bag.

A case has been registered against Kumar under section 302 (murder) and Section 6 (aggravated sexual assault) of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO) act. This barbaric rape incident has yet again reminded us of the brutal gang-rape of Nirbhaya which shocked the nation.

Skull Smashed and Stick Inserted inside a 3-Year-Old Girl