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Tamil Nadu Hospital Treats a Dead Man For 3 Days Even After His Death

There was a scene in a Hindi film ‘Gabbar is Back’, where a hospital treats a dead patient even after knowing that he is no more. They do so, only to get some more money from the family of the deceased. Now that was about real life. What if we told you that a similar incident happened in real life. Keep reading to know more.

In a shocking incident, doctors from a hospital in Tamil Nadu treated a dead patient for 3 days even after his death. Although, the reason is not yet known as to why the management carried on the procedure despite knowing that the patient has already passed away.

In a complaint filed by Subash, son of the deceased, he alleged that the doctors of the private hospital kept their father’s body in the hospital for three days, claiming that they were still treating him and charged them for these three days.

Here’s what he said in a statement “My father was suffering from stomach ache on 9th September. Therefore we admitted him to a local hospital at Nagapattinam. As the doctor referred him to a private hospital in Thanjavur, we took him there on September 10. The hospital charged us Rs 5 lakh for his medical expenses and further they asked us to pay Rs 3 lakh to continue the treatment on Friday.”

“Hence, we decided to shift my father to Thanjavur government medical college hospital. When we took him there, the doctors who examined my father said that he died at least three days before,” added Subhash.
G Palanisamy, MLA of the communist party of India and also a relative of the deceased said that the hospital failed to inform them about the death of their patient. When they contacted the police, they got to know that the police are waiting for the post-mortem report.

The administrative officer of the private hospital in Tamil Nadu’s denied these allegations and said that the family members are trying to defame the hospital and its administration.

Tamil Nadu Hospital Treats a Dead Man For 3 Days Even After His Death