Tigress Avni Who Was Responsible for 13 Human Deaths, Brutally Murdered
Tigeress Avni was shot dead in the forest

Tigress Avni Who Was Responsible for 13 Human Deaths, Brutally Murdered

Recently, there have been many cases of man-animal conflicts which have led to the losses of human lives as well as several animals also have been killed during these encounters.

Tigress Avni also popularly known as T1, was one such animal who preyed upon 13 people over a period of 2 years, after which a panic situation was created amongst the villagers. In an unfortunate incident, Avni, the Tigress who was responsible for the death of 13 people was brutally murdered after been shot dead near Borati village in the Yavatmal district by a team of forest officers and civilian hunter Asgar Ali.

This incident has created widespread outrage amongst animal lovers and wildlife activists who alleged that no efforts were made to tranquillize the animal and they referred this to be a crime, a cold-blooded murder. One of the wildlife activists called this a ‘state-sponsored fake encounter’.

Since the crop is ripe, the villagers spend their nights in the field to protect it. The forest officials were also patrolling in an attempt to spot the tigress. The patrolling team along with Mr Ali was present at the spot. The team made several attempts to find Avni, finally, they spotted and identified her, one of the members tried to fire a tranquillizer dart which missed after which Avni attacked them and in self-defence Mr Ali fired at her from a distance of 8-10 metres around 11:30 pm.

Earlier several attempts were been made to find the animal but after failing in all of their attempts the court had ordered to shoot the animal as a last resort with a proper squad comprising of wildlife biologists and tranquillizing specialist.

For the villagers, she was an animal who wreaked havoc for the villagers as 13 villagers had been killed by her, although only 5 of them have been attributed to Avni.

Union Minister Maneka Gandhi expressed grief and deep concern and questioned Maharashtra’s forest minister as to why a sharpshooter having terror links was deployed to kill the Tigress. She slammed the Maharashtra government for such an inhumane act. The tigress could have been saved by paralysing but they shot her dead. She also promised to take up the matter to Devendra Fadanvis, the chief minister of Maharashtra.

Tigress Avni Who Was Responsible for 13 Human Deaths, Brutally Murdered