Udit Raj quits BJP to join Congress after been denied ticket
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Udit Raj quits BJP to join Congress after been denied ticket

Udit Raj, the BJP leader quit the party and joined Congress after been denied ticket from Delhi’s North West Lok Sabha constituency. The Dalit leader said that he will work to defeat the Anti-Dalit BJP in this election. Udit Raj said BJP replaced him with famous Punjabi singer Hans Raj Hans because Udit Raj raised his voice for Dalits. Udit Raj joined Congress after a meeting with the party president Rahul Gandhi.

The miffed minister accused BJP saying the party had refused to give ticket to Ram Nath Kovind. Just because he kept quiet over Dalit issues, he was made the president. He further said “I am sure that if I never raised my voice, then maybe I would have been made the Prime Minister”.

The disgruntled MP said that the party wanted Dalit votes but it did not want Dalit leaders. Udit Raj waited for communication from BJP till the last day of filing nominations for the seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi. He also said that he was denied ticket despite been the second best performer.

He also added that he would not have been hurt has the party told him earlier that he would not be given the ticket. He said that the party might have decided to drop him from the party after he protested against the Apex court’s order that nullified the stringent provisions of the Dalit protection law.

Hours after the exit of Udit Raj from the BJP party, Delhi’s BJP social media and IT cell-in charge directed his team to remove Raj from all the social media groups associated with the party. The order stated “As you know Udit Raj has joined Congress so kindly remove his associated numbers from your groups and broadcast list so that our information isn’t shared with them”.